iFixandRepair is your full source cellular and game console headquarters for Repairs and PhoneGear!  iFAR, for short, offers many unique services in a fun, up-scale, local environment to meet the needs of everyone.  Among the many services iFAR offers in addition to full service repairs are low cost iPhone, iPad and Tablet Insurance.    But we don't stop there!  iFAR carries more "Phone Gear" than anyone!  Yes, we said it....MORE than any other store.  Just stop in and see.  Our faceplate/shield case houses over 1500 colors and styles for your liking from all the top models.  We also carry all cellular carriers necessities too such as charges, OEM cases, Bluetooth, car kits and Otterbox Cases.  Don't forget iFAR specializes in REPAIRS on all cell phones, Macs, smart phones gaming consoles and tablets.  No repair is too much and we pride ourselves on fast and friendly service!  How cool is that??