Location: Lower Level E
Closest anchor store: Sears
Best entrance: Glenwood Avenue
Parking: Blue Deck
Phone number: 919-781-4644

Mon-Sat: 10:00AM-9:00PM
Sun: 12:00PM-7:00PM

Garage offers teens a wide selection of denim and fashion collections in a cool, casual and unique shopping environment. These collections solidify Garage's positoin as the number one Canadian national brand among teenage girls.

Garage’s store experience embodies the brand’s values, the space combines a wide array of engaging themes and entertaining elements projecting a carefree, flirty appeal. Our customer becomes engaged in the story; she connects with the visuals and is inspired by the casual looks that are showcased. She is welcome to treat the store as her own personal hang-out spot with areas reminiscent of her own personal closet. A rich storytelling that creates a connection and encourages social interaction. Garage is a comfortable and happy space to relax in with their friends while discovering latest fashion trends.