Arhaus is a purveyor of unique, high quality home furnishings with international flavor and design. Designing many pieces in-house, Arhaus designers explore the globe, finding inspiration from all over the world to bring a global perspective to your home. Arhaus works directly with manufacturers to ensure the highest quality components, and many pieces are both designed and constructed by master artisans from around the world. Arhaus has also made a commitment to sustainability that informs and inspires furniture, pairing with the highest quality standards to deliver beautiful, sustainable furniture for your family that will last a lifetime.

Founded in 1986, the first Arhaus store opened in downtown Cleveland. Founders Jack and John Reed remodeled a nineteenth century brick building in the Salt Flats district, transforming the space into the first Arhaus showroom. Every Arhaus location is designed to present Arhaus furniture as if it were in your home, allowing customers to experience Arhaus as they would on an everyday basis. The name Arhaus was inspired by the Danish port city Aarhus–drawing on the international flavor, John Reed combined the city with the German word for house to create the distinctive Arhaus name, reflecting the warmth of home and hearth along with global perspective.


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Since the beginning, Arhaus has focused on quality from the ground up. Arhaus partners with local manufacturers across the world to find excellent raw materials and maintain the highest quality standards. Arhaus maintains relationships with manufacturers, working with some partners for over a decade and growing alongside them. Arhaus also works with artisans from Mexico to India to North Carolina, finding expertise and fine craftsmanship for Arhaus locations. The Live Edge collection is built in Amish sawmills, sourcing slabs of wood from sustainably harvested timber and creating one-of-a-kind pieces for your dining room. Every Arhaus piece showcases inspirational design and custom looks from around the world.

Arhaus’ commitment to sustainability is a reflection of company values, respecting the environment and showing appreciation for our natural home. Never using wood from our endangered rainforests, Arhaus sources much of its wood from sustainable forests or reclaims discarded pieces. Beyond timber, Arhaus recycles metal for tables and chairs, and re-uses glass for beautiful furnishings. Arhaus is also giving back to the environment: during the 2017 storewide sale Arhaus pledged to plant one tree for every purchase. Partnering with American Forests, Arhaus planted over 25,000 trees as a contribution to sustainability.

The Crabtree Valley Mall Arhaus is located in between J. Crew and Rack Room Shoes. Located near the Macy’s anchor store end of the mall on the Gold deck, this location is most easily accessed through the Glenwood Avenue entrance. Offering unique pieces and furnishings, visit Arhaus today for a shopping experience designed to delight and inspire.