Our Fridays are growing fresher!

Farm Fresh Fridays, Crabtree Valley Mall's very own Farmers Market, kicked off last Friday and we are already craving more locally grown products! Luckily, Farm Fresh Fridays will be held from 11AM - 4PM every Friday from now until October.  The market is conveniently located upstairs, in the outdoor breezeway between The Belk Men’s Store and The Food Court. If you are trying to locate the market from within the mall, head to The Food Court and go down the hallway next to Hwy 55. The market will be right outside of the sliding glass doors! The quickest place to park, to get access to the fresh produce is in our 3rd gold parking deck, right outside of The Food court, or in the parking spaces located outside of The Belk Men’s Store.

The first Farm Fresh Friday featured everything from flower bouquets, to fresh strawberries and eggs! The market had a little bit of everything- and the great thing about Farm Fresh Fridays is that the selection changes week to week, so there is always something new to choose from!

So, come out and beat the weekend farmers market rush and make your Fridays fresh!

If you are a local grower and are interested in participating in Farm Fresh Fridays - Download the application below and email it to marketing@shopcrabtree.com

Download Application


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