It’s not just about finding the perfect shade but also the perfect design element to mix things up a bit.  Here are a few nail trends to try for your next trip to the nail salon at Crabtree.


This nail trend is picking up popularity every year and this spring it’s all about the non-traditional route when it comes to negative space nails, no more thin stripes, but rather thicker and bolder chunks of space. Negative space nails are done by placing tape on the base of your nails and taking your favorite nail color to paint on top.  Once the paint dries the tape leaves the naked portion of your nail exposed next to the color of your choice.

This technique works well with nude or lighter nail colors.  It’s a great way for conservative professional women to try something fun and still be workplace appropriate. 


Good news for flashy fashionistas, glitter nails are back! Glitter nails stopped being a go-to nail trend when subtler nail colors became popular. Nudes, whites and baby pink were preferred over the accent glitter nail.  This spring, glitter nails are paying homage to the 80s and 90s with pastel glitter as an accent to your manicure typically on your ring or index finger.  If you’re so bold, use a glitter nail polish on all of your nails, it makes for a fancy manicure.


Dainty accents are for the less than daring beauty mavens. This trend is specifically for the women who have a go to color every week but may want to change it up without overpowering their traditional color. Dainty accents include small jewels, a metallic brush stroke, sheer glitter overlay and other small accents to add a little pizzazz to a matte manicure.


Sometimes you can’t settle on just one trend and you want to try two.  Mixed media nails are a great way to change your manicure.  Try trends like shades of a particular color on various nails, mixed with prints or textures.  The key to mixing prints and patterns (just like in fashion) is to keep everything tonal! Be very careful with adding multiple trends and multiple colors.


Florescent nails are not new but they are a spring and summer staple for fun, exciting vacation nails! If you’re not as bold and adventurous for florescent nails then try a hue on your toes for your first spring pedicure.


The easiest trend of them all, color on the tips of your “French manicure”.  It can be worn by anyone with any color! It’s a great way to break the monotony of a matte manicure or to try a new color in smaller doses.  A colored French manicure is perfect for pre-teens and teenagers getting their first manicure, not too much color and just the right amount of fun!

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