Celebrate Lunar New Year at Crabtree Valley Mall!

We’re squealing with excitement as we bring in the Year of The Pig 2019! We invite you and your family to learn, dine and have fun at exciting events happening at Crabtree in honor of the Lunar New Year.

Family Fun:

Join the North Carolina State University Confucius Institute February 9th from 1pm-4pm in our Promotional Court (lower level below the food court) for kids crafts, Chinese coloring + calligraphy, Chinese costume try-ons, and more! Dive into a cultural experience with fun learning and activities while enjoying cultural dance experiences by six different local dance studios. 

More information: https://www.crabtree-valley-mall.com/events/lunar-new-year-celebration


Whether a Pig, Rooster, or even a Dragon, we love celebrating the Lunar New Year and Chinese culture with delicious dishes from P.F. Chang’s! Similar to the tradition of eating black eyed peas on New Year’s Day here in the south, there are many traditional dishes prepared by P.F. Chang’s with historical meanings that help you prosper in the year to come.

Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps:

In Cantonese, the word for “lettuce” sounds like “rising fortune.” So, the more you eat, the more fortune you will have.

Cecelia’s Dumplings:

Shaped like gold and silver coins from ancient China, dumplings symbolize prosperity. As they are stuffed and folded, each by hand, wealth and prosperity are sealed inside.

Long Leaf Noodles & Prawns:

Longer, uncut noodles symbolize longevity. Tradition has it that eating a bowl of noodles could increase your lifespan.

Kung Pao Chicken:

In Chinese culture, Kung Pao means "hot firecrackers", which are lit during the New Year to scare away evil spirits. P.F. Chang’s fiery woks help bring this made-from-scratch dish to life and will certainly cast away all evil.

Mongolian Beef:

Chinese tradition believes that vegetables purify and cleanse the body and soul. Pick up your chopsticks and grab a bunch of P.F. Chang’s nutrient-rich green onions in this classic handcrafted dish.

Oolong Chilean Sea Bass:

Serving fish is symbolic of prosperity, so having this purposeful recipe at the dinner table is regarded as a promising way to start the New Year.

And most definitely our favorite deals with chocolate and good fortune...

The Great Wall of Chocolate:

Cake’s sweetness symbolizes a rich, sweet life, while the layers represent rising abundance for the coming year.

Photo credits:  P.F. Chang's