What to Wear to Your Holiday Office Party 

Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger

What do you wear to a holiday party? Whether you're heading to large corporate soiree or a small after-work office get-together, here are a few style tips to keep you festive and fashionable.  

What to Wear When the Party is During Office Hours

Some companies prefer to keep their parties small and during normal work hours. If this is the case for you, then you'll likely opt for work-appropriate attire. However, don't be afraid to dress it up a little bit with a nice dress and shoes or a fun holiday-geared blazer with a little sparkle. Typically, you'll need to stick with the office dress code policy unless you're provided with guidelines that it's OK to dress differently for the event.

What to Wear - Women

Ladies, do dress for your office as usual, but think a festive.  Upgrade your traditional work outfit with red pumps and dress up your work dress with a little more jewelry than you would wear on a normal working day.  Color choices are key.  Wear gold, silver and especially red. Although sequins are reserved for evening events, a little sparkle done in moderation is perfectly fine for a holiday party at the office. 

Sometimes when it comes to dressing up for a holiday party, some women have a tendency to go overboard. Keep makeup to a minimum. A good tip, stop by the makeup counter at Bobbi Brown and get a light makeup tutorial. Bobbi Brown does a great job of teaching everyday women day to night makeup lessons.

What to Wear - Men

A good shave and haircut will be noticed and appreciated in company photos.  The Art of Shaving has great shaving kits that come with skincare products and tutorial on how to give yourself the proper shave.

An office party is something special. Show a little style with a classic pair of chinos, button down shirt or sweater. Wearing something out of the ordinary will be a great way to show up for the day’s festivities.  Consider swapping out your everyday tie and socks for something more festive.  Belk’s Men’s Store has a wide selection of festive ties and socks.

What to Wear When the Party is After Office Hours

After-hours holiday parties can be a lot of fun. They give you an opportunity to let your hair down, relax a bit, and connect with co-workers outside of the typical office environment. 

What to Wear - Women

A holiday party is a great time to pamper yourself and get your hair done.  Tried bejeweled locks, add a few strategically placed jewels for sparkly party hair. Another festive hairstyle is a throwback to the 20’s with flapper inspired waves for a retro look that is unexpected and fancy. Make an appointment at Carmen, Carmen at Belk call before your appointment to see if you need to bring your own hair accessories!

Do not wear uncomfortable shoes!  Ideally, you should purchase shoes a few weeks before your holiday party.  Wear your new shoes around the house and practice a few dance moves in your shoes to help break them in.  ALDO’s carries insoles, foam cushions, insteps, and heel protectors to make your shoes comfortable!

What to Wear - Men

Switch out your blazer for a festive dinner jacket.  Look for patterns in plaid, paisley, and colorful colors.  A basic black pair of pants, white tuxedo shirt, and a festive jacket will be memorable and stylish.  Retailers like Ticknor’s, Brooks Brothers and Macys have a great selection of dinner jackets.

Did you know you can rent a suit from Men’s Warehouse? Much like a tuxedo, a suit rental is done the same way.  For over 40 years Men’s Warehouse has been helping men choose the right suit and tuxedo option for any occasion so instead of wearing the same suit every year, rent one for your holiday party.