Meet The Stylist: April Clark

I am a freelance fashion writer and editorial stylist for various brands. I love to teach about fashion and style.  My background is in retail, but I have been a fashion lover since I was a little girl.  Sketching fashion, reading fashion magazines, sewing and producing fashion events is woven in my DNA. In recent years, in addition to freelance fashion writing, I have penned a few fashion books, worked as a fashion editor and a TV style expert for a local morning show.  I travel to New York Fashion Week frequently and have been backstage to meet designers and viewed the hottest fashion for the upcoming season.  I stay in the “know” about what the trends are, but I am sound in the basics of fit, color and silhouette.

My process is simple.  I use the mall as my classroom and my clients are my students.  I have been working as a friend of Crabtree Valley Mall since 2013 with My Carolina Today,  by pulling for my fashion segments.  From there I have produced major a fashion show for the mall’s anniversary, styled commercials, photo shoots, and I blog for the mall.  The retailers know me and are comfortable with working with me.   Crabtree is my home away from home.  I don’t venture out of the mall to partner with other retailers. I believe all of your wardrobe needs can be found at Crabtree. This keeps the process simple and streamlined.  On request, I can pull clothes and meet you at your home with clothing from retailers at Crabtree.

I specialize in Contemporary, Bridge, Better & Designer Brands. 

  • Contemporary-  Bisou Bisou and Betsey Johnson 
  • Bridge- MICHAEL Michael Kors is the bridge label for Michael Kors, DKNY is the bridge label for Donna Karan, Lauren by Ralph Lauren is the bridge label for Ralph Lauren.
  • Better-Jones New York, Perry Ellis and Anne Klein
  • Designer-  Gucci, Prada, Versace, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Oscar de la Renta.

Who I specialize in:


  • New moms to be – how to dress the bump
  • Great for moms going back to work after maternity leave
  • Creating a new mom uniform


  • Back to School Shopping
  • College Style
  • Homecoming, Prom & Special Events


  • Wedding Guest
  • Wedding Events (Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Honeymoon)
  • Destination Wedding Shopping


Who is your typical client?

I do a lot of special event styling.  My clients are looking for what to wear to a reunion, homecoming, prom and wedding typically.

What kind of shopping packages do you offer?

SHOP & STYLE (Recommended time 2 hours+)

Shop with me! First, valet your car and meet me for a latte.

I take all of the guesswork and frustration out of shopping and provide a one on one styling experience that will guarantee you love everything you purchase. You’ll receive professional style advice and personalized shopping assistance.

PERSONAL SHOPPING (Recommended time 1.5 – 2 hours+)

I do all the work! I get a feel for your style, likes, dislikes and needs then I shop for your new look and create outfits before you arrive. Once you arrive pick what you love and voila you’re done, just pick up your car at the valet.

SHOPPING PARTY! (2.5 to 3 hours+)

2 or more per session; up to 10

Gather your girlfriends for a VIP shopping experience. Host a shopping party for an 

upcoming girl’s trip or just because! Each member will receive personal styling advice and personalized shopping assistance. End the shopping trip with appetizers, dessert, or cocktails.


Receive VIP treatment for yourself or give the gift of style to someone very special. The VIP client will receive dinner or lunch, valet parking, a shopping experience and professional photo shoot with hair and makeup.

Is there a minimum number of hours per appointment?

Yes. Every client is booked at one hour– as a deposit but the average client booking is 2.5 hours.  See above for the recommended times.

How is the remaining time billed?

You will book your appointment for your initial hour; each additional hour will be charged at the end of the appointment with the purchases you choose.

What is the average budget of your clients?

There’s no average budget.  Some women come for just a look for a special event for $200; while other women are looking for new wardrobe for the season.  A client can do a season overhaul for close to $1,500 or more.  Some clients hire me every 4 months and shop for a new capsule wardrobe that enhances their existing wardrobe for around $500 to $800.  The great thing about repeat clients is that I remember what we brought and can easily help you build the wardrobe of your dreams.  I ask that my clients be transparent with their budget so we don’t waste time shopping for items that are not in the budget.

What retailers are participating in the program?

All of them! The whole mall is my playground, but there are certain retailers that are making accommodations specifically for this new program at Crabtree.  For example, Belk Department store has a style lounge with a private dressing room, couches.  They have made their coffee and wine bar available for VIP clients as well.  Ann Taylor is also an early adopter of the program and they are in close communication with the stylists and have processes in place to receive my clients.  Many of the retailers do know me and will let me pull looks from their store to pair at other stores before you purchase.

If I don’t have time to shop can you do it for me before I arrive?

Yes.  I can shop or what we call in the industry, “pull” items for you to approve.  You simply valet your car and meet me inside with your picks. I will have your outfits, accessories and shoes already set.

Can I bring a friend or my spouse?

Yes. It’s nice to have an extra vote of confidence and encourager to help you step outside of your “style box” Please keep in mind that the focus is always on you and your shopping companion is there to encourage and support you.

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