Back to School Shopping List for Teens

Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger​​


Your high school student is growing more and more independent and shopping on their own may be their choice; whether they use their summer job money or on they're on a shopping budget, the best time help you teen understand smart shopping is during back-to-school season.  Here’s a basic back to school list help your teen shop smart!

  • 3-5 pairs of jeans

Shop for different types of jeans. Purchase a fun pair of jeans something with rivets, distressing, or color.  Another in a dark wash or black for dressier occasions and a classic blue for every day.

  • 4-5 short-sleeved tops

Mix and match short sleeve tops for layering when it’s cooler.  Look for solid colors that will go well under flannel button ups.  Graphic t-shirts are a great way to showcase your personality too!

  • 2-4 long-sleeved tops

Long sleeve tops are a necessity during the warmer months only purchase a couple of long sleeve tops for rainy days and classrooms that are cooler than usual.

  • 3-5 hoodies

Mix between zip and pull-over hoodies.  Look for solid colors and limit prints to one or two.

  • 2-4 sweaters or sweatshirts

For the beginning of the school year 2 sweaters or sweatshirts are enough.  If you purchase a hoodie purchase one sweater or sweatshirt. 

  • 2-4 pairs of slacks and/or skirts

Think about dressier occasions like concert performances, homecoming and job interviews and purchase accordingly.

  • 5-7 pairs of socks and/or leggings/tights

Don’t forget the essentials. Back to school shopping is a great time to get new socks for new shoes!

  • Sneakers

Think about a practical pair of sneakers that will pair well with multiple outfits. If you’re only getting one pair, get a pair in a solid color in black or white.

  • Casual/Dress shoes

Dressing up will be essential at least one time during the school year.  Make sure you choose a shoe that is comfortable and a pair that can be worn for multiple activities.

  • Backpack

Your personality can be showcased in your backpack, put be sure to choose a backpack that can hold your books as well as look good.  Consider messenger bags, one shoulder strap backpacks and even fashion totes!

  • Windbreaker, denim jacket or rain coat

The weather will change quickly don’t be without a warm jacket!


Shop these retailers at Crabtree:

  • Aeropostale
  • Altar’d State
  • American Eagle
  • Champs Sports
  • Foot Locker
  • Forever 21
  • Francesca’s Collections
  • Garage
  • H & M
  • Hollister
  • Journey’s
  • Pac Sun
  • VANS

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