What to Wear to an Outdoor Concert?

Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger​​

It’s music festival season and if you’ve ever been to an outdoor concert, chances are you’re curious about what to wear to be cute and comfortable! Here are a few key pieces from retailers at Crabtree Valley Mall that you can incorporate into your wardrobe for a fashionable, fun and functional outdoor concert experience!


The terrain at any outdoor concert may be uncertain, whether it’s due to the weather or the long walk from the parking lot to the event. Flats are a no brainer, but it’s the type of flat that will make it comfortable for your night of dancing and walking.  Find a pair of flats that combine style, comfort and safety. Look for flats that include a strap on your flat sandals.  Straps help keep your shoe stable in case of slippery conditions.  There’s nothing worse than an accident during a day or night of fun.  Also, make sure your strapped flats have a rubber soles and if you’re so luck to find it in a platform that’s even better!

H & M platform sandals


At an outdoor concert, a structured wide brimmed hat is not ideal.  The people behind you may not appreciate it as much, not to mention trying to keep it from getting crushed is a task in itself.  Opt for a hat that flattens and folds easily.  Look for one that features an extra-wide brim to keep you cool and protected at the same time!

J.Crew Packable Straw Hat

When it comes to sunglasses for an outdoor concert, leave your Versace and Channel sunglasses at home and opt for a durable and stylish pair of “designer-esque” sunglasses.  Search for a pair that carries design details that are lightweight for a lot of movement.

Oakley Frogskins NYC Urban Commuter Sunglasses



Carrying a jacket is not ideal, especially if it’s an extra item that you have to keep up with.  Opt for a loose cover up like a kimono or lightweight cardigan. An open kimono or cardigan is a great sun protector for overbearing temperatures and perfect for a semi cool evening.

Floral Kimono Duster from Bevello


Standing, sitting and walking for a long period of time in the heat is bound to have you swelter! The best way to beat the heat is to dress comfortably but not in silks and light colored linen. The way to combat the stains of perspiration is to wear your summer linen, silks, light colors with a festive print.  A great summer dress in a busy and stylish print is a great way to mask unsightly moisture.  It’s better to be safe than embarrassed.  A great printed dress is perfect for dancing to your favorite tunes!

Lane Bryant High Low Printed Matte Jersey Maxi Dress


The best way to imitate denim without its structure is to try a lighter imitation in chambray. Denim is a heavyweight fabric without a lot of give and it is both constricting and the opposite of breathable.  While a lightweight chambray is flowy and breathable and won't be too constricting in the heat, and it looks just as cool!

Ann Taylor Tie Waist Utility Top