55 ounces of burger meat, a side of fries and a 20 ounce drink! Who will win the HWY 55 World Burger Eating Championship?

We invite you to join in on the fun at Crabtree Valley Mall on Saturday, June 2nd. The HWY 55 World Hamburger Eating Championship in conjunction with ALL PRO EATING Promotions will be held at 12:15pm sharp! Watch the world’s best competitive eaters attempt the world record eating title. The 13 competitive eaters will fight to see who can eat seven stacked HWY 55 burgers, a side of fries and a 20 ounce drink the fastest. The stakes are large with the first place winner vying for $2,500, second place for $1,250, third place for $500 and fourth place for $250.

Last year’s champion, Molly Schuyler, will be there to defend her record of 1 minute and 37 seconds. Although she may be small, this 100 lb., mother of four is a beast at eating! Will she be able to break her own historic record? There’s only one way to find out. 99thefan and SportsChannel 8 will begin their live broadcast at 10:00 am. Get there by 11:00 am to meet the eaters or just come for the show at 12:15 pm.

Meet the competitive eaters below:

Molly Schuyler - Sacramento, CA - #1 Ranked Independent Competitive Eater in the World. Current Records include National Bratwurst Eating Champion, National Fried Mushroom Eating Champion, World Hot Chicken Eating Champion, World Hands-Free Pumpkin Pie Eating Champion, World Hamburger Eating Champion (Short Form) and many more. Recognized Eating Records are held in each discipline listed. Current Wing Bowl Champion. Considered to be the greatest Competitive Eater who has participated in the sport.

Wayne Algenio - Hollis, NY - #5 Ranked Independent Competitive Eater in the World. Former Carolina Reaper World Pepper Record Holder. Strong focus in the curry, balut, mac & cheese and "spicy food" disciplines. Has trained many current Champion Competitive Eaters.

Adam Moran - West Yorkshire, UK - #9 Ranked Independent Competitive Eater in the World. #1 Ranked Competitive Eater in the UK. Large social media presence with over 265,000 YouTube subscribers. Has eaten 100,000 calories in 100 hours and a master of high calorie and high sugar food disciplines.

Leah Shutkever - UK - Currently Unranked. Battling for the #1 UK title and World Ranking. Likely one of 2018's Class of Competitive Eating Rookie of the Year. Large Social Media presence.

Bob Shoudt - Royersford, PA - #2 Ranked Independent Competitive Eater in the World. Former Wing Bowl Champion. Considered to have one of the highest stomach capacities in the sport. Has eaten over 2 gallons of chili and 312 ounces of salmon chowder. Thought by many to be one of the innovators of modern era Competitive Eating.

Dan Kennedy - West Decatur, PA - #4 Ranked Independent Competitive Eater in the World. Splashed the Competitive Eating scene in mid-2018 and won the title of National Beef Patty Eating Champion in only his 2nd officially sanctioned event. Has finished in the Top 5 in all of his 2018 officially sanctioned Competitive Eating Championships.

Erik Lamkin - San Marcos, CA - Unranked and focuses on Eating Challenges and fitness challenges. Has over 365,000 YouTube subscribers with a normal view of over 1,000,000. Huge capacity and a Competitive Eating's All-American superstar. Focuses on high calorie, high carb and high capacity challenges.

Patrick Bertoletti - Chicago, IL - A recognized and decorated Competitive Eating veteran who has been Eating since 2004. One of the most well-known personalities of the sport and has a worldwide following. A master of every food discipline he has competed in and is known to have a capacity of over 3 gallons.

Brandon Clark - Cahokia, IL - #7 Ranked Independent Competitive Eater in the World. A rookie who has only competed in one officially sanctioned event in which he won 2nd place. Likely a finalist for 2018 Competitive Eating Rookie of the Year. Recognized throughout the sport as an Eater who will be ranked in the Top 5 by the end of 2018. Master of both speed and quantity.

Nathan Figueroa - Florida - Unranked Eater who focuses mainly on Eating Challenges and smaller local food eating contests. Collaborates on large Eating Challenges with other Professional Competitive Eaters to set unbreakable records.

Alex Thomas - Thaxton, VA - Unranked Eater who helped introduce and launch the Independent Competitive Eating movement in the early 2000's. Helped make Eating Challenges into a specific part of recognized Competitive Eating.

Nick Wehry - Torrinton, CT - Unranked Eater who has completed notable Eating Challenges. Looking to use this event to start his Professional Competitive Eating career.

Jon Drushel - Raleigh, NC - One of North Carolina's only recognized Competitive Eaters. Has beaten several Eating Challenges with other Professional Competitive Eaters and has even beaten the times of some Ranked Professional Competitive Eaters. Has been training for this event since last year's historic win by Molly Schuyler.

We hope to see you this June as we watch history be made at HWY 55! Of course, you’ll have to get a burger and fries at HWY 55 afterwards. Think you have what it takes? You can also take the challenge yourself. Finish the burger, fries and drink in 30 minutes or under and then you’ll get the meal on the house and your name on HWY 55’s website. If you can’t finish it or you cheat, they’ll happily charge you for it. Good luck!