Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger

I had the pleasure of meeting make up pro, Christopher James and his model, Domonique for a quick spring make up tutorial at the Urban Decay counter at Belk.

This spring, Christopher says it’s all about neutral warm eyes, a pop on the lip and dewy glowing skin. First, he applied all of her skin products before beginning with color.  To achieve the neutral warm eyes, Christopher applied the “Naked Heat” pallet that came out last summer and is still a big hit.  He says, this pallet is very popular because it contains more matte color versus the other metallic heavy pallets.  A lot of his clients like the neutral tones and matte combination. He also shares that metallic should be an accessory to your face, not your whole look. To complete the eyes, he used “Trouble Maker” mascara.

Next, he applied the “Naked Blush Pallet in Nooner” he added the blush lightly to the apples of her cheek, and the highlight color to her cheekbone. Christopher says that highlighter is still popular this season and it can add to the dewy skin look if done in moderation.  Add a little golden shimmer powder to your body as well. 

Finally, a pop of color to make your dewy skin glow! For Dominique, Christopher used “Crank” a matte lipstick and “Speedball” lip liner.  He suggests applying the lip liner first and then applying the lip color. For added interest and a nice layering effect, Christopher adds “Menace” lipstick in the middle of her lip after applying "Crank".   If you’re a little subtler when it comes to your lip color, Christopher suggests “LIAR” is the shade for you. 

Be sure to join Urban Decay at Belk for their Anniversary Event May 11th and 12th.  They will be giving make up classes, product demonstrations and celebrating!  If you want to achieve your spring look be sure to stop by the counter to be on their list for classes and events.

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