Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger ​​​​​​​

Mall employees at Crabtree make your visit pleasurable! Get to know the people behind the scenes that make Crabtree Valley Mall a family!

Tell us your name, position, and what retail store you work for.

Jaleesa Saunders; Store Manager; Lane Bryant

How long have you been working for Lane Bryant? 

10 1/2 Years

What's the best thing about working for Lane Bryant?

When I walk into my store, I get a chance to make a difference in one of my client’s lives.  I can change the way she views herself by simply providing a proper bra fit or accessing her body shape and putting her in an outfit that she never thought she could pull off.  Through this process, I get to help her build her confidence and we all need a cheerleader in our corner from time to time.

Is there a favorite item or product you love from Lane Bryant?

A great outfit starts with your foundation and our Cacique bras is a must have.  We tailor each bra to different body shapes so that we will be able to find at least two bras for each shape. This year we expanded our size range outside of our traditional client sizes by offering 32 & 34DD- H and going further in 2018 by increasing our cup selection to J.

Why should people come to Crabtree to shop with Lane Bryant?

For two major reasons, first customer service, we are known for building a rapport with our clients, getting to know who they are and how we can build a wardrobe based on their lifestyle.  Second, the product, we carry on trend sportswear and intimate apparel items that fit it your personal lifestyle. 

What is your favorite place to eat at Crabtree? 


What is the best thing about Crabtree?

It’s a very diverse mall! There are stores for every demographic and personal style. During the holidays you can do all of your shopping in one trip. 

Do you have a favorite store besides the one you work for?

Alter’D State, I love the fact that each individual store gets to choose what charity they give a portion of their sales to.

When you're off duty what do you do for fun?

I am starting to get into video-gaming but most of the time I’m going out with friends.

What's the last thing you purchased from Crabtree?

Hand soaps and candles from Bath and Body Works!