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SUITED - A guide to buying a suit

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Tailor your jacket sleeve length so that a bit of your shirt shows at the cuff.  The bottom of the jacket should never extend beyond your fingertips when your hands are by your side. If something doesn't fit quite right, have it tailored.  A good tailor can make some minor adjustments that make a suit fit like it was made just for you. Ticknor's has Made to Measure clothing, which allows you to create your own clothing with your style and individuality. Create suits, sport coats, pants, and shirts to your specifications.

Try a Separates

Many brands like Banana Republic, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Nautica and Alfani found at Belk and Macys sell the jacket and pants separately. It's a made-to-measure feel on a budget. It works for men with athletic builds who need large jackets and smaller trousers.

Test its strength

Take a bunch of the cloth and squeeze it. Does it bounce back to life quickly, with little to no visible wrinkling? Does it feel like there's something to it, some structure — what tailors call "guts"? That's a good sign. The strength of a suit is key especially for those men who spend a lot of time in their suit and do rigorous activities.

Mind the break

The break is the crease formed where the pants hit the top of the shoe, so make sure you’re wearing the shoes you’ll wear with the suit when you get fitted for the break. A medium break will bring the back of the pant leg about halfway down the heel of your shoe while a slight break brings the pant a little higher. There is also a full break, but that causes the pant to really bunch up at the shoe. Full breaks work best on tall men.


Suits are investments that are designed to last, so you don’t want to end up with an entire closet of purple velvet or red plaid suits. Stick with the more traditional colors and cuts when you buy suits to get the most out of your wardrobe.  If you’re buying your first suit, get a plain navy suit or a navy suit with light pinstripes, it’s your most versatile. As you build your suit collection, add gray or black dress suits, then browns and earth tones. You can also include patterns like pinstripes, windowpanes and light plaids in your growing wardrobe.

Find suits at these retailers:


Men's Warehouse and Tux



Brooks Brothers

Banana Republic

VIP Formal Wear


Boot trends for Women

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Step your way into fall with military-inspired boots, a nod to the '90s trend with boots like Doc Martens that look stylish.  Ladies, team these hardcore boots with an equally tough ensemble or juxtaposed with something girlie.


Whether inspired by tapestries or watercolors, this eye-catching ultra-feminine motif will make your footwear collection a true work of art. To make this work for fall look for a dark floral motif and pair your boots with a sweet vintage inspired dress.


Velvet is a true head-to-toe necessity this Fall. Yes, boots in velvet are a must-have this season.  Whether embellished with decorative touches or designed slouchy with a retro vibe, it's all soft velvet in rich colors in highly sought-after ankle boots.


How high can you go? You can never go too high when it comes to boots this season.  Last year's knee-high boots are reaching new heights, Sky's the limit with a great leggy pair of boots that add much-appreciated coverage to short skirts and dresses in the chillier months ahead.


Giddy up! Not necessarily with cowboy boots but boots inspired by this season’s Western trend.  Look for boots with influences of a cowboy boot like chunky heels, pull on boots, embroidery, washed out vintage finishes and rustic colors like tan, chocolate and gray.  Pair them with denim on denim this fall to complete the look.