Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger ​​​​

If you plan to travel this holiday season, there’s no time like the present to begin to prepare for your trip.  Dressing comfortably and packing sensibly will help you navigate through airports and stations with ease.  Colorado Bag n Baggage and Tommy Bahama have the travel essentials to make roving during this busy time easy and stylish! Whether you are looking for luggage, business cases, travel clothing, accessories or more, they’re prepared to meet your every need. Here are a few travel tips with Fashion Stylist, April Clark.

Dress with Ease. Running from gate to gate, sitting on an airplane or going through security is a lot. The perfect travel ensemble should be easy, comfortable and versatile.  Look for items that have jersey stretch and flexibility to keep you relaxed while you sit in one place for an extended period of time.  Look for items like fitted pants with stretch, or stretch denim.  However, if you are looking for something a little dressier try the Pickford Turtleneck Dress from Tommy Bahama it has the right amount of comfort, combine it with a light cardigan to complete the look.

Make a packing list. There are lots of ways to make a packing list.  The first and most popular way is to set up categories: shoes, toiletries, clothes and tech gadgets. Write down all that you think you will need then pair down. Go through each item on the list and make sure it has multiple uses. For example, if you pack a dress make sure you can wear it more than one way (day to night).  Once you have your list it’s time to pack. Organize your things before you add them to your luggage and make sure your list matches your contents. Be sure to take your list with you to ensure you pack all your items for your return home, that way nothing is left at your destination.

Bring extra baggage.  During the holidays and especially while on vacation you will end up bringing home souvenirs and gifts. An extra bag is perfect to keep all of your additional items.  Colorado Bag n Baggage has travel bags that start off as a pouch when you travel and then convert into an additional bag when you return home.  

Roll it don’t fold it. Rolling clothes allows you to pack more clothing in limited space.  Using packing cubes can help with space saving. Only fold clothes with lighter weight, like silk, rayon or items that wrinkle easily. Try adding your folded clothes to packing cubes.   Packing cubes are zippered fabric containers, usually in a rectangular shape, for organizing your items and making them easier to find in your luggage. They come in a range of sizes and are often sold as sets.

Wear Something Stylish. Although comfort is key, style is preferred.  Try not to overdo it when it comes to accessories, choose one signature piece to add to your travel look to make it feel a little more you. When it comes to shoes look for smart sneakers, flats or a low heel that is comfortable as well as stylish.  A good rule of thumb is to keep your extra jewelry or your fancier shoes in your carry on until you arrive at your destination.

Pack dual purpose garments. Did you know that people over pack by about two-thirds? Only 20% of what you pack will account for 80% of what you wear. Here’s a simple formula to help make sure your items have duality.  For every four bottoms you pack you should have four tops to yield about sixteen outfits. For two weeks of travel pack 5 bottoms, three shirts and for every dress you pack you can eliminate a shirt and a bottom.  Remember you should pack items not outfits.

Use technology.  You can connect your phone to just about anything these days! Using apps and technology to find your bag, or bags that can charge your phone are great for the traveling techie. Rimowa carries luggage with with an electronic tag.  Simply download the app, check your bag online, and your luggage tag appears on an electronic screen.  No more white luggage tags! See how it works here.