Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger ​

How to REORGANIZE, REFRESH AND RESTYLE your wardrobe this season

As you’re transitioning your wardrobe this season, remember to set aside a few items for J.Jill ‘s compassion fund.  From October 10 – October 22,  J.Jill wants to thank customers for helping women in need.  For every gently worn clothing item you donate in-store, J.Jill will give you 30% off a single full-price item in stores (certain brand styles excluded). Be sure to tag us if you participate #CrabtreeCares #CrabtreeChic

REORGANIZE- First determine what you have in your closet. Start by making a piles for what to KEEP, STORE and DONATE.  Keep wardrobe staples like pencil skirts, oxford shirts, dress pants and jeans. STORE items like wedding and prom dresses or items with sentimental value and items that you feel might come back into style or are too expensive to donate. DONATE gently used items that you did not wear last season or do not plan to wear in the upcoming season. The J.Jill compassion fund will give you 30% off a single priced item! All of the other items you have left to donate can go to area organizations like Triangle Dress for Success.  Finally, sell the left over items that you may have only wore once to retail resale stores to have a few bucks your new wardrobe shopping spree at Crabtree!

REFRESH- Once you’ve reorganized your closet, it’s time to refresh it! Add a new paint color or wallpaper to brighten you closet up. Add storage, pictures and display personal items.  You can find décor items at Pottery Barn, Papyrus, or Earth Bound Trading Company. Get matching hangers! Give your closet a refresh so it feels like it’s your personal boutique.

RESTYLE- Now it’s time to shop! Before you head out to Crabtree with your donated items, money and refreshed closet. It’s time to take inventory of what you have and what you need to shop for.  Here’s a tip: take one item out of your closet if you can style it 5 different ways with what you already have- if you can, you’re in luck, if you can’t now you know what to shop for.  For example if you have a leather skirt you can style with a blazer, a sweater, a blouse, a t-shirt and turtleneck, you’re good to go, but if you have nothing to pair with that skirt now you can imagine what you would like to pair with that skirt and shop for it.  You may want to add those few items to your list before heading out to the mall.

Now that you have donated and reorganized your refreshed closet and shopped for the items you need and want, it’s time to FALL INTO STYLE! Remember to hashtag your new looks from Crabtree with #CrabtreeChic

The J.Jill Compassion Fund is committed to providing support to community-based organizations that help disadvantaged and homeless women become self-sufficient. The compassion fund contributes to programs nationwide that directly support women in need, helping them work towards positive change and improving their lives.  Through the generosity of customers like you, and J.Jill associates, they are able to raise funds and give back to the communities – a commitment they are passionate about fulfilling.