Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger ​​

Photo credit: MICHAEL KORS STORE the MERCER tote in various sizes

Top-handle handbags are big this season! It’s time to give your outfits a ladylike feel with these ultra-feminine totes. These handbags are easy to carry, go with everything, and practically make an outfit on their own with all of the embellishments and beautiful hardware that is being added to them this fall. Here are a few tips for selecting one of this season’s "it" bag.


Think about your lifestyle when you are purchasing your handbag. Ask a sales associate if you can add a few of your items in the handbag to see if your essentials will fit.  Stand in front of a mirror while you’re in the store and pretend you are going about your day.  Open the bag as if you are in the line of the grocery store or buying a cup of coffee.  Is it easy to access your wallet? Does your wallet fit in the purse? Are there pockets for your cell phone? Are there external and internal pockets for easy access?  Do you plan on using this bag every day or for special occasions?  If you can maneuver with the handbag easily it will be a great buy!


If this is going to be a “season only” handbag you can choose a handbag that is trendy with colors and patterns that are popular for the season.  This season chain details, embroidery, brocade, graphic prints and vintage florals are being found on handbags.  A nice change to your everyday bag would be a red top handle handbag (pictured).  Red is the fashion color of the season and it’s a daring neutral. However, if you’re looking for an everyday bag, but you want to experience the colorful trends this season, purchase a traditional neutral colored handbag and accessorize it.  Handbag accessories are becoming more and more popular. You can accessorize your handbag with a decorative, removable strap, some brands call them guitar straps.  Add a frilly keychain to your handbag, certain retailers call them pom poms, or charms. These accents add personality and can easily give your handbag a new look with the switch of accessories. 


The top handle handbag is guaranteed to add a lady-like touch to any look. The easiest way to pair this handbag is with a career look.  If you purchase one big enough it can hold a few work essentials as well has your personal belongings.  The top handle handbag can easily take you to an after-work networking situation.  It’s not as small as an evening bag and not too big to be noticed as a day bag.  For a more casual look it can instantly dress up your look! A pair of slim fit trousers, ballet flats, cardigan and blouse will instantly look polished with the right accessories and top handle handbag.  A favorite top handle handbag that can go from day to night polished or casual, is the Michael Kors Mercer tote.  Not only does it act as a top handle handbag but the removable straps turn it into a shoulder and crossbody bag as