WATCH’s your type? 

Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger 

5 types of watches for men from Dakota Watch Company. 

A timepiece is essential to a polished wardrobe, but when it comes to watches the variations are endless.  We chose to look at five different types of men and the watches that fit their lifestyle. 

The Traveler 

Knowing the local time of wherever you is crucial when you travel. While you can manually adjust your watch to reflect the local time, there are some watches out there that can take care of this for you automatically.  The Dakota LED Travel Clock is the perfect companion on the go!  It has bright LED digital numerals, dual time, day/date function, alarm function in a colorful alloy case with pullout stand. 

The Athlete 

The sports watch of today is a different beast than it was 10 years ago. No longer is it just a timing device, or a simple stopwatch with start/stop and lap/reset functions with a rugged rubber strap and cartoonishly bright buttons. Nowadays, as technology is refined and squeezed into smaller packages, sports watches have essentially become wrist-worn, go-anywhere computers with rugged yet stylish housing, navigation features, advanced multisport functions.  The Dakota Oversized Square Digital Moonglow E.L. is a fun and stylish sports watch without losing functionality in the process! 

The Fun Guy 

Keeping time shouldn’t be so serious! An oversized watch can add character and charm to the everyday routine.  With its dual vertical digital display in reverse LCD, the Dakota LCD is one of the most hip, fun and fashionable watches out there! Check out The Dakota Cube LCD Watch. 

The Classic Man 

A timeless dress watch takes your look from casual to dapper. Figuring out which dress watch is right for you at the right price can be rough, but we have you covered with The Dakota All Star Steel Watch. It’s an everyday steel watch that is tough and rugged as well as elegant and dressy.  This multi-dimensional watch makes it the perfect everyday dress watch.  Engrave this watch for an even more special touch! 

The Tech Guy 

If you're guy is into technology and wears a lot of casualwear then The Dakota Tomorrow's Digital Watch is a great value at $29.95. This watch is a new innovating way to tell time. Funky, fashionable and very Fusion fashion forward. It features red and blue LED Lights, lights uniquely show time and date with the push of a button.