Guest Blogger - April Clark, Fashion Aficionado, Beauty, Lifestyle Blogger 

Style tips, tricks and savings for the college student

In case you were wondering where is the one-stop shopping center for college students-- it’s Crabtree Valley Mall.  We’ve assembled a few tips, style tricks, savings and where to shop for the days on campus.

Wear Your School Colors Proud-Check out SportsMania for your local college apparel.

Featured in photo:  Journey's located upper level, near the Food Court

Girl -

Baja Hoodie, pink, $25

Jansport Backpack, Sunrise, $50

Marled Crew Socks, $18

Arizona Birkenstocks, Mocca, $100

Boy -

Vans Socks, $15

Old Skool Vans, Checkerboard, $60

Get Carried Away-

Lugging heavy books across campus isn’t necessary! Shop an array of quality backpacks from North Face. Did you know their backpacks are guaranteed for life!

Happy Homecoming!

Ladies, a nice dress is essential for your first homecoming.  Guys, find the right suit at Express.

SWEAT in Style-

Rushing from class to class after pulling your first all-nighter needs to be done in comfort and style.  Shop the PINK collection at Victoria’s Secret.

Upgrade your skincare-

You’re on your own and there is no one telling you to wash your face.  Upgrade from bar soap to a proper skincare regimen at the Body Shop. They have products for all types of skin and a great line of men’s grooming products. Guys check out the Art of Shaving for those days when an unshaven look isn’t working.

Bright Eyes-

Ladies, after a long night, look alert and aware with nude eyeliner.  Nude eyeliner can give you an instant bright eye look even when you are working on a few hours of sleep from all that partying… we mean, studying (wink). Shop Sephora for a great nude eyeliner for your complexion. 

Be shower-ready-

Shower time on campus requires a few essential.  Get prepared with a pair of great flip-flops from Flip Flop Shops and get all of your bath essentials at Bath & Body Works.

Upgrade from faded distressed jeans to dark, clean denim.

Darker denim is great for events that are casual but require a polished look.  Every college student should have at least one pair of upgraded denim.  Shop for great denim at Madewell.

Show your unique style. 

Did you know you can create a custom pair of VANS? It’s a great way to introduce your campus to you through your style. Also, shop Pacsun for cool graphic tees for your favorite pop culture fashion.

Singing in the rain with boots.

College students do a lot of walking.  Don’t get caught with wet feet! Shop for stylish rain boots from ALDO.


Places to Shop for College Style:


H & M



North Face





Old Navy


Old Navy

PINK Victoria’s Secret


Forever 21


These Crabtree Valley Mall retailers offer student discounts:

Banana Republic 15% savings

J. Crew 15%

Madewell 15%