Apply in Store

Job Title  

Manager and Associate Positions

Job Objective

Support the Store Manager in all tasks necessary to the efficient operation of the store. Provide prompt and courteous service to customers in order to maximize sales and customer service, so as to promote the company’s image of quality and professionalism.


Reports directly to the Store Manger and works closely with the District Manager and other resource department. Represents and integral part of the store team and through his/her participation crates a healthy and pleasant atmosphere. Supports the manager in the supervision of salespeople and all other employees essential to the efficient operation of the store.

Key Job Function

Maximize sales and customer service
Maintain merchandise displays
Record all transactions on register
Perform necessary housekeeping duties
Occasionally relieve the Store Manager from his/her responsibilities.

Duties Performed

Practices professional salesmanship within the guidelines of store policy and procedures in order to achieve maximum sales and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Promotes total customer service in a friendly way and as the most important consideration in every transaction.

Ensures that special orders are handled efficiently.

Maintains neat, organized and well stocked merchandise.

Ensures that merchandise is properly ticketed and attractively displayed.

Communicated stock replenishment need to the Store Manager

Is aware of and implements store policies and procedures.

Is responsible for adherence to all loss prevention and security policies, as well as credit policies and procedures, i.e. credit and debit cards, employee purchases, discounts, deposits, returns and exchanges.

Is responsible for accuracy of sales bill completion.

Assists in training other sales associates in product knowledge, visual presentation, sales techniques and administration.

Conforms to the company’s dress cake and presents an image that is consistent with the company.

Supports the manager in all of the essential duties necessary for the efficient operation of the store.

Qualifications (Minimum Qualifications required to Perform Task)

Related work experience: six months of selling experience (retail or service industry)

General work experience or equivalent formal education: (high school or equivalent)

Other qualifications: strong leadership skills, excellent communication skills, service-oriented, team player, fashion-oriented, bilingualism as required, willing to work retail hours and initiative.


The ALDO Group reserves the right to change, alter, or amend the job duties of employees at its sole discretion with or without notice.